Appartement, Villa, Vakantiehuis
Tel.: 00.90.535.385.95.81

Vakantiehuis no: Ku2

Kusadasi - Tussen Centrum en Long Beach

Prijs : 100 Euro per dag

Slaapkamers : 3



Opp.: 120 m2

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Woonkamer met openhaard en eetruimte 3 Slaapkamers waarvan een met eigen badkamer.
Badkamer 2 balkons
Het ressort is gebouwd op 40.000 m2, daarvan is 11% bezet met villa\'s met terrassen en 89% is park.
Het ressort is gebouwd volgens Europese standaarden door de Zwitserse architect Charles Steiger.
Het heeft 62 villas, 2 swimming pools (een voor volwassenen van 450 m2 en van 150 m2 voor kindren), a poolside restaurant/bar open 7 months of the year reserved for residents and their guests, a tennis court, a children�s playground, a jogging track around the edge of the site, covered parking places. Each villa has satellite television, a wireless internet connection and an intercom system.The villas are surrounded by greenery designed and laid out by a landscape architect. A stone wall topped by a fence surrounds the estate and Green Village is protected by active security around the clock. The interior includes: a living room with fireplace and dining area, a kitchen, three bedrooms, one with en suite shower room with washbasin and WC, one bathroom with washbasin and WC, one shower room with washbasin, WC and plumbing for a washing machine, two balconies The exterior includes: terraces of 50 m�, 30 m� covered by a pergola, parking places. Each villa is built on vibrated concrete foundations (see the \\\"making of\\\") that can resist earthquakes of up to 9 on the Richter scale. De totale bruikbare oppervlakte is 217 m2. Affordable villas for maximum comfort At Green Village, the villas are organised into three different zones. The price of a villa therefore depends on the zone in which it is situated, with or without a view of the swimming pool.
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